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"We Believe in Quality With Time."
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"For us Quality and Time are like Mantras which we chant every day in our work."


We Provide quality as per our clients requirement.At each time we try to improve our quality and provide the best to clients. We also ensure the best packing of our product as per clients reqirements.


With Quality we also ensure that our client should recieve the product as per their deadline so that both can work smoothly. we decide a timeline for every task we perform.


Client who work with us will always be satisfied with Quality ,Time and Trust. Work with us for best and Worthy experience.


Organics And Inorganic

Beta Blue(15:3) Organic
Beta Blue(15:3)
Rubine Tonner organic
Rubine Tonner
Green-7 organic
Lemon Chrome Inorganic
Lemon Chrome
Middle Chrome inorganic
Middle Chrome
Primerose chrome Inorganic
Primerose Chrome
scarlet chrome inorganic
Scarlet Chrome
Zinc chrome inorganic
Zinc Chrome

About Us

We the team of Meet Colours and Pigments like to share something about us.

Nearly decades of experience in the chemical colours and Pigments industries, We had started our hands in this business since 2003 and after that we are continously growing and developing in each passing years.In this 17 years of our business, We have put ourselves as genuine and loyal in market in terms of parties, Labours, & our team and will continue such image in future also.

pigment vapi

pigment Vapi

Our Proprietor and Director Mr. Hasmukhbhai C. Patel(Bsc.& Msc. in Chemistry) With his 35 years of hard work, experince and Knowledge about Chemicals has taken our company at it's rising peak level.We are increasing our production and capacity with time to time ensuring with availabilty of products. At present,We are able to manufacture 80-90tons of finish goods per month. We mainly focuse on Quality And Time, which is like a Mantra of our production. And also we believe in Long-Term Business.


Regular audits by our valued customers support the continuous improvement of our procedures and operations. We are committed to comply with the latest quality regulations as well as being in accordance with the customer’s needs.


To continuously work for the improvement of existing products with a focus on reduction in cost of production and share the fruits of benefits with our customers.

Our Amazing Team

There are many employees BUT here are the main PILARs' Profile.

pigment vapi

Miten Patel(Meet)


pigment vapi

Hasmukh Patel

Proprietor & Director

pigment vapi

Dhruvik Patel


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